About Us

About Helix

Helix believes that all young people should be able to realize their rights to a happy, healthy childhood. Too many children and youth lack the opportunities to develop to their full potential. We focus on working alongside young people, organizations that serve them, and their allies to create change.

We do this by conducting research and policy analysis; providing strategic insights into program design; and engaging with the public on how to support child & youth resilience.

Helix was launched in 2020 with the goal of contributing to research, advocacy, programs, and public discourse on question of youth resilience. We welcome opportunities to connect with others who are passionate about these same questions.

Contact us at: thehelixfoundationcanada@gmail.com

Kate Butler

Kate Butler, Ph.D, has over 15 years experience as an expert in human rights, non-profit organizations, and program & policy design.

Working Together

We work with other organizations to design programs that best serve structurally vulnerable populations, with a focus on children and youth

Best Practices

We conduct research into best practices for governments and organizations to empower and support the rights of young people.

Promoting Rights

We connect organizations and individuals with others who are working alongside young people and their families to promote the realization of rights